The Greatest (Modern) Rock-and-Heavier Bands of All Time

Image of Linkin Park

It can always be a touchy subject for music fans to stumble upon a ‘top anything’  article because the very nature of music and being a fan of pretty much anything is that it is always based on opinion. Lists that claim to have the ultimate rundown of the top ten metal albums of all time will please some, annoy others, and completely miss the mark for many as well.

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Image of a garage band for a Mac

No one goes to recording studios anymore, or at least no one that wants to continue paying their rent and bills for the foreseeable future hands money over to a studio, anyway. These days it is all about home recording. I remember having an extremely basic setup with an old band of mine, recording drum parts with an 8-track analogue mixer and 4 vocal mics, but my how times have changed; the process of making music is now easier than ever.

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